All veterans, regardless of time served or discharge, are eligible to receive mentorship.

Finally, a program that gives vets what they have been asking for, some help with real life issues without all the bureaucracy and red tape
Acting Director - County Mental Health
I am now assisting my second combat vet as a mentor. Both veterans have suffered severe traumatic stress disorder from trauma in Afghanistan. My mentees have been able to relate to me because I was also a combat veteran in Vietnam. I have felt that it is always important to them that I am there to listen and for me to buildup their self esteem as that had been beaten down by the war.  The Peer to Peer program is a great service to help those veterans in need of assistance to acclimate to society again after their military service is over.
The combat veterans I have assisted are well aware that their transition back to civilian life can be a difficult one. They are grateful that there is a peer-to-peer program during their time of need. As importantly, they know someone cares.
I have seen great results with the Saratoga County peer-to-peer mentoring program.  Our dedicated mentors, who have personally walked that tough road of reintegration into society, are doing an exceptional job in mentoring our current combat veterans to deal with the challenges of wartime service and transition to life after the military.
Paul - Board Member