Public Veterans Event – DeCruit and Cry Havoc

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Saratoga County Veterans Peer to Peer Program is proud to present Stephan Wolfert for an evening of challenge and inspiration.

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After six years in the Army, Stephan Wolfert hopped off an Amtrak deep in the mountains of Montana and found himself at a performance of Richard III that would change his life forever. In a heartrending 75 minutes, Wolfert discovers his own experience pre- and post- military service in the lines of some of Shakespeare’s famous speeches, all the while exploring the possibility of a new experience.

Wolfert is a tour de force in this seventy-five minute solo-show. And CRY HAVOC is a vital, thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, and shockingly funny evening of finely crafted theater.

For Veterans Only
4 – 7 pm (Includes dinner)

We will hold a workshop for Veterans only from 4-6 pm with Stephan entitled “De-Cruit® ”.

Is there room for improvement in the way in which we reintegrate our veterans back into society? The military recruits citizens and wires them for war, but does not un-wire them. What does the “De-Cruit® ” process look like? How do we come together to relearn how to live? The performance is followed by an engaging talk back between actor, audience and veterans that dares to answer these questions.

Workshops are limited to 30 veterans.
To participate in the workshop, call 518-884-4999.

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